Reclaim your life – A webinar for women who want the life they dreamt of

Kinesiologists Claire and Laura

When you were younger, did you have an idea of how your life was going to be?

Have you become increasingly aware that what you have been working to achieve somehow falls short of the image you had?

  • Are you truly happy?
  • Do you really love yourself?
  • Do you say yes when you mean no?
  • Is your life what you thought it would be?
  • Did you dream of more?
  • Do you have physical symptoms that affect your life?
  • Do you feel stuck and unsure how to move forward?
  • Do you feel that life hasn’t turned out quite the way you want it to be?

Thousands of women are waking up to the potential of a new reality.

They feel something in their life is missing, that they don’t want to wear a mask any more but they don’t know how to be true to themselves.

That the person they have become is bound by duty and fear and they want something more. They can’t shake the feeling of “is this it?”

They know deep in their hearts that their life can be extraordinary but they don’t know how to make it so.

The more we ignore these deep issues the more our bodies will show us our discontent by creating physical symptoms. These include: weight instability, digestive issues, bowel dysfunction, hormone or menstrual cycle irregularities, sugar cravings, low libido and depression.

Claire Snowdon-Darling and Laura Knowles are experts in Alternative Health and Women’s Transformation. They are catalysts for change and their work around their deep passion the #emotionhealthconnection has supported literally hundreds of women rise up and reclaim their lives and become empowered to be truly themselves, creating happier marriages, fulfilling work and more authentic connections with their loved ones and with themselves.

Claire and Laura work in a totally unique way, combining their unmatched experience of working with Alternative Health techniques, using proven protocols to really ensure you get to the root cause of your symptoms, combined with emotional transformation techniques that provide you with the tools to move forward and step into your full potential, this is combined with lifestyle and nutritional recommendations, leaving no stone unturned to ensure radical positive change is achieved.  These skills combined with their vast experience in mentoring create a framework for complete and holistic transformation where you are supported every step of the way to achieve the life you have always dreamed of.

Through their own personal journeys’ and supporting many clients to create a happier life, Claire and Laura realised that women mostly share common issues. From this realisation they created their Ten Step Programme to living in your full potential.

If you are ready, really ready, to clear the emotional and physical blocks that are stopping you from being the person that you truly want to be then we look forward to working with you.

The journey to reclaiming your life starts with our free Reclaim Your Life Webinar

What's on at Balanced Wellness ChichesterFollowing the success of our Reclaim Your Life live event tour in Spring 2015 we are launching this great workshop as a free webinar. During the webinar we will:

  • Offer you our 10 step programme to living in your full potential
  • Give you tips and tools to help you to start the journey of change.
  • Discuss the common issues modern women face.


Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.





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