About Laura Knowles

Laura is a Senior Kinesiologist and Health Tutor with a decade's worth of clinical experience which means she is confident in working with any health issue and able to hold any client emotion that is presented. Her specialties include stress, immune and digestion which include her unique clinical protocols on SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) and autoimmune. Her style is investigative and thorough. She uses a wide tool kit which includes lymphatic massage, structural corrections, nutrition, supplementation, diet and emotional coaching. Clients who prefer a firm style of massage enjoy her sessions, she works in this way because it has shown to give immediate results and relief. Laura has the following qualifications; Kinesiology Diploma Naturopathic Nutrition Diploma Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Foundation Counselling Reiki Advanced Touch for Health Instructor Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

The Great Oestrogen Imbalance

Many women suffer with hormonal symptoms thanks to an imbalance in the primary female hormone 'Oestrogen'. Where the medical model will look to the Pill, HRT or painkillers to control oestrogen symptoms, the Naturopathic model looks to diet, lifestyle and supplements to balance the endocrine system. What is Oestrogen? The term "Oestrogen" is an umbrella [...]

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Is exercise bad for me?

Take two women who embark on an intense exercise regime together at a Crossfit gym for 3 months. One woman gets stronger, fitter and healthier. The other woman frequently injures herself, picks up colds she cannot shift, starts to experience sleep disturbances and nightmares and her body fat increases. Why such a difference in experiences? [...]

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What if FODMAP doesn’t help IBS?

One of the first places IBS sufferers go to find relief from symptoms including symptoms including bloating, heartburn, digestive pain, wind, constipation and diarrhoea. is the FODMAP diet. What is a FODMAP diet? The FODMAP diet which was created in 1999 by Dr Sue Shepherd when she discovered through her PhD research that limiting FODMAP foods [...]

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Courgetti and Pesto

My sprialiser is possibly my favourite kitchen gadget and a great way to get make fruit and vegetables more exciting for the whole family in just minutes. The pesto can be made in advance and kept in a sealed jar in the fridge for upto two weeks. Serves: 4 Ingredients: 4 large courgettes (carb) 2 [...]

Eczema is a Gift

When I got my first patch of rough, dry, sore skin I didn’t think much of it. I was 20, the doctors said it was pretty normal after a tonsillectomy and sent me away with a tube of Dovebet steroid cream. Then the patches started to spread. They appeared on my torso, under my arms, [...]

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Raw Banana and Nut Ice Cream

This is so easy peasy! 1 ripe banana (carb) 1/4 cup of nuts - use almonds, hazlenuts, walnuts, pecans or cashews - whatever takes your fancy! (fat) Blend in a food processor, put in a suitable container and pop in the freezer. Delicious and healthy.

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Chronic Asthma and Kinesiology

Here is the case of a woman with what the Dr referred to as seasonal asthma and how Kinesiology helped her. The condition manifested with the client being very nasally, very congested with a blocked and runny nose. She was bored and frustrated with feeling lousy and wiping her nose constantly and her sense of smell [...]

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Ultimate Freefrom Pancake

Freefrom pancake using banana and egg instead of grains and milk - delicious! Can't believe this pancake is actually good for you! Dairy-free, sugar-free and grain-free, this is the perfect recipe for anyone who wants to ensure they are getting a good combination of fats, fruit and protein into their diet. 1 organic [...]

Too Little Acid CAUSES Heartburn

feeling the burn We shout at the TV a lot. Adverts drive us bonkers. If it’s not the Actimel adverts promoting friendly gut bacteria (that contain high levels of sugar which bad bacteria feeds from) it’s the cosmetic adverts promoting youth as if being a woman past 35 is something to be shameful of. And don’t get me started on the shaving adverts… But there is one advert that makes us fume above all others. And that’s the acid ingestion / heartburn adverts. […]

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Thanks Cameron – Getting Up Close and Personal With Our Poop

shes on a quest to enlighten women about poo and pubes I'm in love with Cameron Diaz. Not only has the woman gone public about pubic hair but she’s now on American talk shows discussing hydration and healthy bowels! In this wonderful piece of footage her and the presenter are discussing what a [...]

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