About Claire Snowdon-Darling

<p><p>Claire is the visionary founder of Balanced Wellness. She is a Senior Practitioner and her practice is based at the head office clinic in Havant, Hampshire. </p><br /> <p>Having been involved in alternative health since 1993 Claire is an expert with a vast amount of knowledge and experience and has helped literally thousands of people to achieve their goals.</p><br /> <p>Claire's work is unique. She offers cutting edge hormone and digestive protocols that bring together the modern advances in nutritional science with highly effective, effective,specialist Kinesiology techniques. </p><br /> <p>The clients who benefit the most from seeing Claire are those with complicated and difficult cases who have struggled to find the solutions to their conditions both physically and emotionally, specifically when imbalances in these areas are causing symptoms such as: hormone issues (including menopause), weight gain, adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders and allergies.</p><br /> <p>She is renowned for her clarity and wisdom which allows her to pinpoint issues and support her clients to transform their lives both physically and emotionally.</p><br /> <p>Claire offers clinic sessions in her private practice, and remote skype consultations and packages. Pricing given on request.</p><br /> <p>Having taught Kinesiology from foundation to advanced levels since 2009, Claire is a Senior Lecturer at Balanced Wellness and is the creator of "Functional Kinesiology", a four phased approach to working with clients utilising trademarked protocols and methodologies which are now taught to practitioners. </p><br /> <p>Claire is an inspirational speaker and often gives talks on nutrition, emotion and health, both in the UK and Internationally. These dynamic and fascinating talks are highly informative, providing the attendees with tips and techniques they can easily add in to their lives and they are punctuated with both her maverick humour and her deep wisdom and experience.</p><br /> <p>Both her popular blog for The Huffington Post and the podcast "Consciously Healthy" that she co-hosts with Laura Knowles on iTunes and YouTube are regarded by many as thought provoking and entertaining.</p><br /> <p>Claire works from the Havant clinic on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. She also offers remote support by Skype </p><br /> <p>46 Langstone Road, Havant, PO9 1RF</p><br /> <p>T: 07964 976563<br /><br /> E: claire@balancedwellness.co.uk</p></p>

Got any acid? – Is an alkalising diet right for you?

As a nutritionist I have been strictly following a clean, organic, wholefood and alkaline diet for the past few years, lots of vegetables, chlorophyll and leafy greens. We know after all that dis-ease forms in acidic environments and most people’s internal environments are very acidic. This is due to a variety of sources from food, to outlook, to chemical load but reducing acid forming foods and alkalising the body is all the rage, and I reiterate, in many cases very, very important. But interestingly not in my case. It turns out that my internal environment is too alkaline and it’s been causing me some big problems. […]

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12 Reasons Why a Career in Kinesiology is the Best!

A career in Kinesiology can make you do this “Do you enjoy what you do? If not just stop, don’t stand there and rot! ” Ah the enlightened lyrics of Wham! For the next six days I get to be immersed in my favourite subject whilst teaching a Kinesiology intensive course with The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology. I am incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to teach this incredible therapy at the highest level and often need to pinch myself that this is my career. […]

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Can Women Have It All? Introducing the Third Metric

who am I again? Arianna Huffington has called for a 3rd women’s revolution. Women need to reclaim their lives because burn out is no longer an option. Success is no longer just about the money and power, it now includes wellbeing to As an alternative health expert the wellbeing thing I know about, I work with it, I teach it, and I believe I am pretty hot on walking my talk. But here’s the problem. A year ago my business partner Laura and I expanded our business. We franchised out our brand and are in the process of opening a wellness centre so time has been a luxury I haven’t had for the past 12 months and I have literally run myself ragged. […]

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Headaches, IBS and Kinesiology

Here is the case of a woman with IBS and headaches and how I used Kinesiology to support her. How many sessions: 6 over a 6 month period What I did in the clinic: The work has mostly been around reducing stress in her digestion and using Kinesiology techniques for rebalancing the intestinal system. I have also been supporting the endocrine system for the headaches to reduce the stress response in the body. We have also explored areas she “gut reacts” to. […]

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IBS and Kinesiology

Here is a case of a man with IBS and how we used Kinesiology to support him. How many sessions: 8 over a 2 year period What I did in the clinic: I have always worked on supporting his digestive system and utilizing Kinesiology techniques for the Ileo Caecal Valve. I have also supported his glandular system to minimize the impact of stress in his life. What he did at home: Cut out wheat and milk and changed his diet. He incorporated a protein and fibre shake into his diet also. This worked almost instantly and he felt much better. If he integrates too much wheat in his diet he becomes aware that his digestion needs further support and work. […]

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High Cholesterol / High Blood Pressure and Kinesiology

Here is a case of a woman with high cholesterol / high blood pressure and how we used Kinesiology to support her. How many sessions: 4 over a 5 month period What we did in the clinic: I worked on rebalancing her endocrine and blood chemistry using various Kinesiology techniques. I also used therapeutic grade magnets for blood pressure rebalancing.  After 3 months her cholesterol had dropped considerably and BP had normalized. I also worked on balancing her liver meridian and we explored relevant emotions. What she/did at home: added gentle exercise into her lifestyle by swimming twice a week, she increased fat soluble fibre in her diet. […]

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Raw Tomato Soup

Ingredients 2 large tomatoes (carb) 1 desert spoon sun dried tomatoes (fat) Handful basil, coriander or parsley (whichever is your favourite) Pinch of Himalayan pink salt 2 soaked dates (carb) Pinch of cumin Handful of cashews (fat) A mugful of water Blend all the above in a powerful food blender - add more water if it [...]

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The Cuddle Drink

This is such a tasty warming drink. Get a big mug to put in for maximum cuddling. Ingredients Almond Milk Vanilla Pod Raw Agave Nectar or Honey Cinnamon or Nutmeg Warm some almond milk and a vanilla pod in a pan with a Add in either raw agave nectar or raw honey once temp has [...]

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Raw Kale Chips

Crunch away at these delicious posh crisp alternatives guilt free! Ingredients 1 bag of kale well washed (carb) 1.5 cups cashews (fat) Juice of half lemon (carb) Large pinch Himalayan salt Desert spoon of nutritional yeast In a food processor mix the yeast, salt, lemon juice and cashews until it makes a paste - add a [...]

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Menstrually Yours – Women Can Map Periods as a Path to Self-Awareness

summer is coming and I shall be busy! I have become obsessed with my menstrual cycle. Not just in that usual way where we log the dates in our diary and maybe check the consistency (which lets be honest is enough). I mean totally, deeply and utterly engrossed in it. Clearly my interest was piqued a year ago when I wrote about difficult periods but this interest has deepened to become a way of really identifying with myself. […]

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