Just Say No – How Clear Boundaries Can Change Your Life

The Grange Hill cast knew how to say no No. It’s a tiny word with huge meaning.¬† It can be the key to your liberation, it can improve your health, transform your sex life, revitalise relationships and help you regain control in your life. All this from two little letters. And yet we struggle to use it. […]

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Don’t Scream for Sun Cream

Wham knew it. Fun and sunshine, enough for everyone I was verbally attacked by a woman at my Bootcamp class. The reason for this tirade of insult and anger is because I don’t wear sun cream. She felt that because I lecture about health it was hypocritical of me not to wear sun cream. There are many reasons for this choice. Firstly I am fifth generation Indian and am blessed with skin that goes brown just by looking at the sun – of course I would burn if I was to lie out in it but I learnt my lesson a long time ago after a particularly nasty incident when I was 15 involving baby oil and a really hot day followed by sunstroke and needing to sit on a cold slide in a kids play park just to cope with the searing agony on the backs of my thighs. So these days I listen to my body, I sunbathe in 10 minute slots and alternate between sitting under parasols and having a nice siesta during a hot afternoon. Another reason is that I loathe, loathe, loathe most sun creams. If I use normal ones I end up with horrific prickly heat as my poor skin can’t breathe under all that petroleum and paraffin. They use chemicals to stop the sun and as you may have heard me go on about before, chemicals cause us alot of problems. The Daily Mail actually ran an expos√© about how sun creams are causing cancers because of the Endocrine disruptor chemicals in them. […]

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