Balanced Wellness offer corrective massage at our Havant and Waterlooville clinics with Tracey Cleeve.

Corrective Massage is a deep tissue treatment that helps stretch out the fascia easing tightness and restriction of movement. It separates soft tissues that stick together and feel hard, stiff and sore. Muscles become stuck after injury, lack of use, or stress and tension. Corrective massage can release tension and restore movement and mobility around joints.

What it can do for you

Tracey tailors each individual’s treatment taking into consideration whether you require heavy deep tissue massage which gets into the muscles quickly and efficiently and a speedy recovery time, or a more gentle approach.

She works within your pain threshold and listens and responds to the needs of each individual.

Benefits of Corrective Massage

If you’re a regular sport enthusiast, generally active or want pain relief in your body, you can greatly benefit from regular deep tissue massage for general body maintenance. You will be able to

  • Increase your range of movement
  • Decreased your muscle tension
  • Reduced the risk of more injury
  • Enhance your flexibility
  • Improve your recovery time between workouts

To book a corrective massage appointment, please contact Tracey

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.

Tracey Cleeve Kinesiologist
Tracey Cleeve
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Location: Havant and Waterlooville, Hampshire
Specialism: Kinesiology, Structure

Helen Murphy
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Location: Petersfield, Hampshire
Specialism: Kinesiology, Physical issues, sports injury & rehab, digestion and IBS