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80:20 – Winning the Battle with Multiple Sclerosis

Claire fighting her MS beast in really good knickers

The highlight of my week: “I can put my knickers on easily” says my client whilst standing up and doing me a demo.
It was funny, but it actually made me cry with joy.

This client is called Claire and is a pretty, bubbly, lovely young woman who was recently diagnosed with MS, not the one that comes and goes but the one that doesn’t stop until it’s taken everything you hold dear in your life and ravaged your body. I trained in physical disability so know only too well the effects this condition can cause.

When Claire contacted me, it wasn’t for an “out there” cure for MS, she wanted some food sensitivity testing as she had put herself on a radical diet that can possibly halt the progression of the disease. I explained that the work I do could also support her body nutritionally and emotionally and give her body the tools it needs to fight back and give the disease no reason to progress.

This of course comes with no guarantee but it’s better than waiting for the inevitable.

Claire had a leg that was dragging a bit and stopped her running. It would have probably gone undiagnosed had a brilliant Physio not spotted it. By the time I met her she couldn’t run, had some instability in the leg, tingly arms and a diagnosis. But she decided that wasn’t going to define her. She is throwing herself into the jaws of the beast, determined to keep her life.

Claire radically altered her life, she researched and requested an almost unknown drug, she works on positive thought programming, she is eating food which supports her body not depleting it, she is taking a lot of nutrition to give her poor nervous system the tools it needs to repair itself and more importantly we are working together as a team. […]

November 22nd, 2011|My Blog|3 Comments