Rejuvadetox Scan

Diana and her Rejuvadetox Scans

The lovely Diana came to see us feeling run down, low and wanted to lose weight for her holiday.

4 weeks on our RejuvaDetox programme and she is feeling ‘lighter and brighter’, has lost a stone in weight, 33.5 inches and is delighted to be feeling so energised for the first time in a long time. You can see from her thermographic scan that her system has become less toxic and she is digesting better.

“Its brilliant! Great to see such quick results. I would definitely recommend this.”

RejuvaDetox is the world’s first guaranteed wellness system. The 40 minute electronic, lymphatic treatment coupled with a clean food plan made up of natural foods allows the body to rid unwanted intestinal plaque and toxins from the body.

RejuvaDetox programme works by cleansing the intestines and liver with a cleansing food plan and regular sessions on a detoxifying machine which helps the lymph drain and cells respond to releasing stubborn toxin build up. The combination is a winning formula!

How does RejuvaDetox work?

Year on year, toxic waste from food, the atmosphere, emotional upsets, traumas, medications, vaccines, stress, dehydration, parasites forces our bodily systems to become sluggish and inefficient, making optimum health difficult. Within one month of the RejuvaDetox programme, years of digestive and body abuse can reverse.

Whilst on the machine there is an opportunity to discuss emotional difficulties with your practitioner and receive support to work through them. Not only do we help you cleanse physically and nutritionally – we help you cleanse emotionally as well. This is what makes RejuvaDetox so incredible and why we can guarantee results!

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