rejuvadetox_cropDo you

  • feel sluggish and stuck with physical or emotional symptoms?
  • want to change your relationship to food for good?
  • want to lose weight and feel better?

If you are truly ready to clean up your life and finally be free of your symptoms and emotional baggage, then we can help.

Our digestive scan consultations are 30 minutes and are held at our Langstone clinic and are managed by Tracey Cleeve.

Our free digestive scan can identify toxic build up in the body. Our Rejuvadetox programme is designed to

  • Break down intestinal plaque to help the body absorb nutrients more effectively
  • Provide a delicious and nutritious diet programme,which supports changing negative food behaviour
  • Weight and inch loss
  • Guided and supported by nutritional practitioners who are highly qualified and skilled
  • Full emotional support throughout the process to help you process stuck emotional blocks

RejuvaDetox clients can achieve life changing results on this healthy plan, including weight loss, health changes, and coming off long term medication (with GP’s consent).

The 40 minute electronic, lymphatic treatments coupled with a healthy food plan is designed to rid the body of unwanted intestinal plaque and built up toxins. We offer one off sessions, 2 week, 4 week or 8 week programmes.

The RejuvaDetox programme works by supporting the intestines and the liver to cleanse, with a detox food plan and regular sessions on a specialised machine, which helps the body drain lymph. Cells respond to this by releasing stored up toxins. This combination of actions is highly effective.

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How does RejuvaDetox work?

Over time toxic waste from food, the atmosphere, emotional upsets, traumas, medications, vaccines, stress, dehydration and parasites forces our body to become sluggish and inefficient, making optimum health difficult.

With RejuvaDetox clients can experience the difference in the first week and continue to shift toxins over the course of the treatment. Our programme can give you a new found radiance and an outstanding sense of wellbeing.

These are just some of the common health conditions that our clients come on the programme for;

  • Small intestine malabsorption
  • Digestive Issues- bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, parasites
  • Fatty Liver (up to 70% fat reduction on liver after 28 days)
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fertility issues
  • Adrenal stress
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Diabetes
  • Weight loss/ cellulite
  • Lymphoedema/ Sluggishness
  • Sleep problems
  • Toxicity and wanting to cleanse / detox

RejuvaDetox combines a healthy eating regime with 40 minute sessions on a specifically designed detoxing machine, which drains lymph from places it has accumulated and breaks down toxins whilst toning the skin’s elasticity.

During the session there is an opportunity to discuss emotional difficulties with your skilled practitioner and receive support to work through them. Not only do we help you cleanse physically and nutritionally – we help you cleanse emotionally as well. This is what makes RejuvaDetox so incredible.

With increasingly busy, stressful lives many of us no longer digest properly. Once we have a healthy, detoxed system our body can begin, once again, to absorb the real nourishment from fresh food.

The programme is designed to be relaxing and enjoyable, to leave you feeling good about yourself, boosting self-esteem, confidence and feeling incredibly empowered. The system has been produced by one of the largest machine manufacturers in Europe which is both CE and FDA approved.

Free Digestive Scan

An initial consultation with a digestive scan will assess your current health situation and ensure whether or not RejuvaDetox is right for you.

Using a non invasive thermographic scanner we can assess the level of toxicity within the digestive system. The black of week one (stage 4) shows a heavily congested system, while the increasing amount of blue shows the system rebalancing and becoming healthier.

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Scan 1 (week 1) shows black where the digestion is heavily congested and in a toxified state.

Scan 2 (week 2) the digestion and toxins are starting to decongest. (scan showing black breaking down)

Scan 3 (week 3) the increasing amount of blue indicates an almost rebalanced system. (scan clearing)

Scan 4 (week 4) the blue shows a healthy and rebalanced system


Scan 1


Scan 2


Scan 3


Scan 4


  • Consultation & Scan FREE
  • Prices start from £75 for an individual detox treatment
  • 2 week and 4 week programmes available

To book your free digestive scan and consultation to see how Rejuva can transform your health contact us

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee of specific results and results may vary.