Reclaim Your Life Retreat

Join us on a unique four day immersive experience to clear the emotional blocks that stop you living in your full potential.

Our full potential is accessible to us when we are able to hold our boundaries and have the confidence to trust our own truth as shown to us by our inner guidance.

We can only hold our boundaries when we know and express our deep truth and we only know our truth when we clear our fear and conditioning.

Most of us experience life through the lens of what with think we “should” be doing based on societal norms and familial expectation combined with low self esteem/ self judgement or anxiety.

Laura and Claire excel in supporting people to find a new path beyond those blocks. The people who will benefit from this work are waking up to the potential of a new reality. They often feel that something in their life is missing or not “right”. They don’t want to pretend anymore but they don’t know how to be true to themselves.

They feel the person they have become is bound by duty and fear and they want something more. They know in their hearts their life can be extraordinary but they don’t know how to make it so.

They may be bored of their careers, feel unfulfilled in their relationships and have forgotten to be authentic, they may be struggling with parenting, facing issues around sex, are deeply overwhelmed and living with negative self image or have lost their dreams.

Ultimately they have lost their connection to themselves and don’t know how to get it back. They may be numbing themselves with shopping, online addictions, food, drugs, alcohol or television but they realise they are now ready to take the steps to change.

Claire and Laura have been passionate about holding space for profound personal transformation for over a decade. . At this point there are no human emotions they are unable to be with. Their gift is that they are able to go to the challenging places with you, work with you in that place and help you find a path to a new version of yourself, free from fear and conditioning and embracing a life of radical self love and living from your truth.

This extraordinary opportunity is only available to ten people this year.

The 4 days consist of:

  • Morning Yoga (suitable for all levels and physical limitations)
  • Gratitude journaling and meditation
  • Delicious Organic Paleo lunch and dinner plus refreshments (gluten, dairy and sugar free food is standard, vegans and vegetarians can also be catered for)
  • Workshop structures throughout each day held by Claire and Laura

Day 1 – Releasing fear and creating our own safety container
Day 2 – breaking free from conditioning and finding our inner strength
Day 3 – Self love and self forgiveness
Day 4 – Claiming our confidence and standing in our full potential

  • Breaks to allow for processing and reflection
  • A very special Sound Bath meditation including sacred cacao on the Saturday evening to facilitate deep emotional and energetic transformation.
  • Book before 31st August 2019 and receive lifetime access to our Reclaim Your Life online programme worth £97, to continue your emotional journey after the retreat.

All set in a beautiful property by the Portsmouth sea next door to our main clinic in Hampshire.

Date: Thursday 24th October – Sunday 27 October 2019

Investment: £750 (£250 deposit required to secure your place)

Contact us with your interest.

Please note you will need to arrange accommodation, we can provide details of local hotels or B&Bs. Parking available onsite.