Our Clients Experiences

Having been told by my doctor that I had cholesterol of over 8 I went to see Claire, who worked with me to bring about some changes in my diet and additional nutrition. After four weeks I was re tested by the doctor and my cholesterol had halved, I am amazed and thrilled. Thank you.
Dee, Hampshire

Kinesiology has transformed my health, not just the process itself but also learning more about my condition and how to manage it nutritionally and emotionally. I would recommend the process of Kinesiology with all my heart.
Louise, Emsworth

Through working with Laura over the last few months we have achieved so much.  I sleep so much better than I did, I no longer wake up several times a night.  I was diagnosed with exercise induced asthma which has improved significantly through a procedure that Laura performed.  My digestion was poor and we have worked to improve that as well.  Most of all I feel really good, my energy levels are much improved, I don’t stress as much. I would highly recommend Laura and have done so to several of my clients.
Clare, Horndean

I found my ability to relax became increasingly easier as the weeks passed.  After three visits to Laura the panic attacks had stopped and I emerged as a woman with control of herself and no longer the victim of her fears. I feel strongly enough about the treatment I have received to recommend that if you have any ailments, mental or physical, that you go for Balanced Wellness
Louise, Hampshire

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