Eczema is a Gift

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Eczema is a Gift


When I got my first patch of rough, dry, sore skin I didn’t think much of it. I was 20, the doctors said it was pretty normal after a tonsillectomy and sent me away with a tube of Dovebet steroid cream.

Then the patches started to spread. They appeared on my torso, under my arms, on my back, in my hair, on my neck – and the worse bit – on my face.

At this time I was working in an office in London going to regular meetings and presentations and a face full of dry flaky patches was the most humiliating and embarrassing thing I could have imagined.

As my skin got worse, I started to deeply hate and resent it. Read more…

What is Detoxing?

rejuvadetox before and after

rejuvadetox before and after

Detoxing is ridding the body of toxic substances. We live in a world full of toxins – some of them we are aware of including smoking and alcohol. There are also unknown toxins in the world which people aren’t aware of. For example we aren’t aware of the toxins in our toiletries. Parabens are chemical preservatives within many toiletry products and these have been linked to breast tissue tumours.

Other toxins are in pollution – living in big cities. Household products also have toxins in. These are things like your washing up liquids and detergents. All of these things have a toxic effect on the body.

It’s the bodies job when it comes in contact with these toxins, to process them and release them.  The companies that produce these toxic products test them to ensure they are not having a toxic effect on the body but they don’t look at the compound effect. We all use many different products in the mornings. These are products like: shampoo, toothpaste, skin care etc. When you add up all these products up together, there is a toxic load on the body. Read more…

Secret to a Healthy Weight Loss

weight-lossA lot of people come to Balanced Wellness because they want to lose weight.

What most people do is cut back on what they eat and increase exercise however this doesn’t always give the desired results. If you are reducing your food intake and going hungry the blood sugar spikes. And then we start to crave food.This makes it harder to go without food making us hungry and crave carbs and sugar. We cave and then end up eating rubbish.

Exercise can be a problem if you have a very stressed Endocrine system. For example running, if the body is already stressed then it will go into crisis mode and will start storing fat. Hormones will start to be produced which can’t be filtered out so the body starts storing these hormones, such as cortisol, in fat cells therefore, people who diet and then force themselves to take part in activities (like running) normally end up putting on more weight! Read more…