What does Wellness really mean? How The Third Metric requires courage.

In 2013 Ariana Huffington called for an additional Third Metric of wellness to be added to the existing metrics of money and power as a means to measure success.

As a health practitioner I applauded this bold campaign and was so excited I wrote a blog about it.  As a business owner I know too well how easy it is to put personal wellness on the back burner because decisions need […]

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Yuletide Blessings

 At Balanced Wellness we are reclaiming the original festivals of our ancestors, the ancient rites and rituals where our forbears were so dependant on the gifts of Mother Nature that the worshipping of the cycles of the Goddess of Nature was a logical and practical path.

Within this Goddess Cycle we are now entering the time of the Midwinter Solstice, the shortest day where the dark is equal to the light. […]

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What makes balanced wellness unique?

Balanced Wellness are not just health experts. Our clients experience profound and deep transformation supported by our exceptional practitioners.
Our clients are women who are ready to change their lives, their relationships, their health and their future. Our practitioners guide, support and encourage their clients to make deep lasting and profound change.At the core of what we do is Kinesiology – a fusion of bodywork techniques, emotional support and nutritional recommendations that […]

Chichester’s ‘Little Black Dress’ 10 Day Detox

Feeling sluggish, tired and stressed?

Fed up with bad eating habits?

Want to slim down for the Christmas party season?

Then join us for the 10 Day Detox!

Our cellular cleansing programme has been specifically designed to detox the whole body – physically, nutritionally and emotionally, giving you a feeling of vitality, helping you look and feel incredible this winter.


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The Art of Fear-Busting: 7 Simple Steps to Overcoming Your Fears

When we experience fear, it can leave us feeling fragile, weak, uncertain and frustrated. However, our fears are actually amazing opportunities for us to be just the opposite. When we feel fear, we are in fact receiving an invitation to ACT, to grow, and to expand our thinking.

Fear presents us with two choices. We can run – however our fears always find us again – or, we can turn to […]

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The RejuvaDetox and Me

Guest blog from one of our RejuvaDetox clients: 

Age: 28. Height 5ft 1in and at 8st 4lbs I wasn’t doing the detox for weight loss, but to see if I could feel better cleansing my body of a build up of bad habits, stresses and learning to let go of things I hold onto. I’ve been doing yoga for 2 years now and that has helped with stress and […]

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