Yuletide Blessings

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Yuletide Blessings

Yule At Balanced Wellness we are reclaiming the original festivals of our ancestors, the ancient rites and rituals where our forbears were so dependant on the gifts of Mother Nature that the worshipping of the cycles of the Goddess of Nature was a logical and practical path.

Within this Goddess Cycle we are now entering the time of the Midwinter Solstice, the shortest day where the dark is equal to the light. It is the darkest night, out of which hope springs forth, the light of the world returns and the Goddess gives rebirth to the Sun God. The Goddess shows herself to us through the element of air and the qualities of silence and stillness she is now the lady of bone and stone. All that no longer serves us has died off and is dropping away. It is the time of year to turn inward, be still, stay at home and allow the stillness to permeate your whole life and allow the dreams and visions of your future projects and life choices to find you and take form in your imagination. This is not the time to start new things, give the visions space and time to take shape, nurture your body with rest and then, in Spring as the energy rises so can your visions come to life.

Yuletide falls over the solstice and is a twelve day festival with feasting, merriment and gift giving. A celebration that the dark has reached its depths, the longest night shall pass and, in time, the light will return.

We wish you and your families a very merry yuletide and an abundant New Year. Thank you to you all for your support and custom over the past twelve months.

May your yule log burn bright,

May your feast be merry

And may the Goddess bring you beautiful visions in your stillness

Blessed be.

 Claire, Laura and the Balanced Wellness team 


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What makes balanced wellness unique?

Balanced Wellness are not just health experts. Our clients experience profound and deep transformation supported by our exceptional practitioners.
Our clients are women who are ready to change their lives, their relationships, their health and their future. Our practitioners guide, support and encourage their clients to make deep lasting and profound change.At the core of what we do is Kinesiology – a fusion of bodywork techniques, emotional support and nutritional recommendations that is highly effective at getting to the root cause of symptoms.Our practitioners are highly skilled and trained to a higher level than the required standards and are experienced in guiding and supporting clients to achieve their full potential.

We specialise in digestive health and hormonal imbalances including blood sugar instability, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid imbalances and period issues.If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired we are waiting to help you.If you feel stuck, unsupported and unable to live the life you want then we are waiting to help you.

If you really want to be free of the health symptoms that are holding you back we are waiting to help you.

If this is you, get in touch and we can connect you with one of our expert practitioners.

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Kinesiology and yoga are now my sanctuary

We’ve had the most beautiful guest blog from one of my clients that I would like to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Meet Emily, who found our Chichester Centre as her sanctuary away from her busy life.


I came across Balanced Wellness about 4 months ago. I have always had loads of energy, always up early, packing lots into the day, exercising lots and used to burning the candle at both ends. However never really found this to be an issue – it was just how I liked to live. Your typical ‘type A’ person. I’ve always suffered from migraines, and battled with my weight, however 18 months into running my own business and following a tough few months personally, I was burned out. I had gained almost 2 stone in weight, had a migraine at least once a week, suffered from permanent mouth ulcers, had no energy and was suffering from anxiety and various digestive issues. I didn’t know what to do, and my health was really starting to get me down. I was reluctant to head down the typical NHS/GP route for fear they would just put me on anti-depressants and tell me to eat less, so I researched some alternative routes, and stumbled across something called kinesiology. I then discovered I could get some of this ‘kinesiology’ at a place called Balanced Wellness that was conveniently located at the top of my road.

Apprehensive at what to expect, I arrived at my first session with Laura. Prior to the session I’d completed a questionnaire about my health issues and dietary habits. Laura was so easy to talk to, and I felt that she really understood where I was coming from. The first session was about getting to the root of my health concerns and understanding what was going on both physically and emotionally to put the pieces of the jigsaw together. Kinesiology works on muscle testing and looking at where there may be weaknesses. It also works on various pressure points on the body. After going through an extensive process testing these various elements, Laura suggested that I was on my way to adrenal burnout – constantly burning the candle at both ends, downing at least 5 coffees a day, and never taking a break had placed my whole endocrine system under immense pressure – meaning I was in a constant state of fight or flight. Laura worked on these pressure points – which aims to get the system going and working again. At the end of the session I felt like the biggest weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and came away with a variety of herbal supplements to take and the strict instruction that I needed to take care of myself, and look at doing more yoga, less gym, and giving my body a lot more respect.

I’m now almost 5 sessions into my kinesiology work, and I can honestly say it has been life changing. The supplements have completely cured my mouth ulcers, migraines are pretty much gone and digestive issues well on the way to improvement. I have also taken up yoga at the centre, and again, this has been a complete life saver. As I said before I’ve always been a complete gym bunny, with a love for pounding the treadmill and beating my body up (physically and mentally). Whilst I still may be a long way off getting my body back to where I’d like it to be, I feel so much healthier and in less pain than I have ever been. i practice at least 3 times a week, and not only do I no longer have hip pain, I am much more positive and able to cope with life’s ups, downs and challenges.

My business is now flourishing, I’m no longer scared of what may or may not be round the corner, and feel happier and more healthy than i have done in a long time. I’ve met some wonderful people and I am forever grateful to Laura and her team for their little place of sanctuary just at the end of the road.

By Emily, Chichester.