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“Having been told by my doctor that I had cholesterol of over 8 I went to see Claire, who worked with me to bring about some changes in my diet and additional nutrition. After four weeks I was re tested by the doctor and my cholesterol had halved, I am amazed and thrilled. Thank you.” ~ Dee, Hampshire

“I have been suffering several medical problems including High Blood Pressure, Kidney Stones and Cruciate Ligament Damage. Since seeing Claire on a regular basis my Blood Pressure has reduced, no problems with the stones and my leg feels great. Claire is now helping me lose weight and I’m sure I will succeed.” ~ Pete, Hampshire

“The thing I like most about my visits to Balanced Wellness is that I always leave feeling as thought I have had a weight lifted off me. Usually it is one I had not even realised I was carrying. I started recieving Kinesiology treatment about ten to twelve months ago with a shoulder problem that had aggravated me for months and as always I took along a healthy dose of scepticism too. How can you diagnose and fix a problem without some kind of invasive or medical intervention? I had no idea that my body was screaming out the root of the problem – I just wasn’t trained to understand the message and the pain killers and ointments that my doctor was telling me to use weren’t FIXING the problem, they were just masking it. Discovering Balanced Wellness and Kinesiology was the best thing I ever did, and since then I have received, treatments, advice and dietary tips that have really helped without an ounce of judgmentalism at my bad eating habits. And as for my scepticism? Every treatment I have received has been explained to me as to how it works and why it works. It’s not magic after all – it’s just science I didn’t know about! I can’t recommend Balanced Wellness highly enough for the effectiveness of the treatment, the friendly and relaxed atmosphere and the general sense of wellbeing it gives me” ~ Terry, West Sussex

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