How to Find the Right Way to Meditate For You

On today's Podcast Claire and Laura share their tips on life's greatest journey.... Meditation and finding the right way to meditate for you.

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Understanding How to Cope with Grief

Claire and Laura talk us through Elisabeth Kubler- Ross’ Five stages of grief and how these can allow you to express our emotions to better cope with the grieving process.

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How to Spot an Abusive Relationship

Consciously Healthy’s Claire and Laura are talking over the difficult topic of how to spot an abusive relationship. They share in today’s Podcast the differing types of abuse and how to become aware of patterns in our behaviour and how to change these without being confrontational.

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Find Your No! Why Having Boundaries Creates More Joy, Safety and the Ability to Say “Yes” and Mean It!

Imagine you have been taken to the middle of the ocean to go for a swim. You jump off the boat and then as you surface you realize it has gone. You are alone, there is no shore that you can see, you have no idea what is swimming about under you in the deep [...]

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How to Stop the Drama in Your Life

In today's podcast Claire and Laura introduce us to Karpman’s drama triangle and explain how bringing awareness to our patterns of behaviour can help stop the drama in your life.

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How to Start Loving Your Periods

If you suffer from irregular or painful periods join Claire and Laura as they discuss the 4 stages share their tips on how to start loving your periods.

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Step 10 – Be The Change You Want To See

It was Ghandi who said " Be the change you want to see in the world". Claire and Laura talk about changing different aspects of our lives whether it be physical, emotional or even a change in our personal beliefs or behaviour.  

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Step 9 – Be Your Own Hero

Step 9 - Claire and Laura introduce us to a hero's journey by Joseph Campbell. They talk us through how to learn to not need to be rescued and how this can be both liberating and empowering.

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Step 8 – Create Fulfilling Relationships

Step 8 - Do you find often yourself in relationships where things often go unsaid? Or you put someone else's happiness ahead of your own? In this Podcast Claire and Laura share with us how to create fulfilling relationships.

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Step 7 – Hold Your Own Emotions

Step 7 - Hold Your Own Emotions

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