Yuletide Blessings

 At Balanced Wellness we are reclaiming the original festivals of our ancestors, the ancient rites and rituals where our forbears were so dependant on the gifts of Mother Nature that the worshipping of the cycles of the Goddess of Nature was a logical and practical path. Within this Goddess Cycle we are now entering the [...]

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This avocado based Mexican dip is quick and easy to make, either by hand or with the aid of a food processor. You can omit the chilli if you like things on the cooler side. Serve either on its own, or with tomato Salsa, with vegetable crudité either as a snack or light lunch with [...]

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Gluten Free Granola

‘Gluten Free’ tends to be over used as a marketing ploy these days.  Oats themselves are gluten free, however often they come into contact with gluten during either the growing or manufacturing process.   Unless you are a coeliac, in which case you would do well to avoid even the ones labelled ‘gluten free’ to be [...]

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Chicken Noodle Soup

Very much a meal in itself, this soup packs a punch on the flavour front, is most definitely good for mind, body and soul and great for boosting the immune system.  This should blast any potential threat of a cold clear! Serves: 2 Ingredients 200gm chicken or turkey breast 2 teaspoons olive 2 teaspoons sesame [...]

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Avocado Smoothie

This amazing smoothie makes a heavy duty snack or even a light lunch.  Feel free to add a whole avocado if you are having it as a lunch.  The avocado provides a perfectly balanced diet, containing all 6 nutritional needs; water, fat, protein, natural sugar, vitamins and minerals.   The carrot supports the cleansing of the [...]

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Turkish Lentil Soup

This is a Turkish family recipe that my college friend Aisha used to make for me when I visited her at home.  I love the zingy combination of the lemon and lentils and the addition of rice makes it a meal in itself. Serves: 4 Ingredients 2 tablespoons olive oil (fat) 1 large onion – [...]

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What makes balanced wellness unique?

Balanced Wellness are not just health experts. Our clients experience profound and deep transformation supported by our exceptional practitioners. Our clients are women who are ready to change their lives, their relationships, their health and their future. Our practitioners guide, support and encourage their clients to make deep lasting and profound change.At the core of what [...]

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