10 tips on coping with exam stress

Sometimes all you need is a hug from the right person … and all your stress will melt away. For many secondary school and university students, May marks the beginning of a stressful time as exams begin. A racing heart, stomach cramps, headaches, migraines, forgetfulness, trouble sleeping, feeling irritable or tearful, loss of appetite or over eating are all symptoms of stress.  High levels of stress and anxiety before or during an exam can also reduce exam performance.  In addition to being prepared, the following can help to combat exam stress. […]

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IBS. The secret bitter pill that drugs won’t sweeten

IBS. It is a big problem with a little name, and it is hideous. I know, I had first hand experience of this horrendous condition for over 20 years and I’m far from being alone. The current NHS statistics tell us that 1 in 5 people in the UK experience it at some point in [...]

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RejuvaDetox – Happier and Slimmer

Diana and her Rejuvadetox Scans The lovely Diana came to see us feeling run down, low and wanted to lose weight for her holiday. 4 weeks on our RejuvaDetox programme and she is feeling ‘lighter and brighter’, has lost a stone in weight, 33.5 inches and is delighted to be feeling so energised for the first time in a long time. You can see from her thermographic scan that her system has become less toxic and she is digesting better. “Its brilliant! Great to see such quick results. I would definitely recommend this.” […]

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