Rejuvadetox – Improved Digestive Absorption

This is Jean. She came to see us 4 weeks ago for her digestive pain, concerned that her small intestine was not absorbing. She was suffering with inflammation, ulcers in the mouth and through the digestive tract, a swollen face, blurred vision and chronic digestive pain. Her first thermographic scan showed built up mucoid plaque (brown and yellow image) in the intestines. Four weeks later on the RejuvaDetox programme and her scan now shows a balanced system (clear blue colour on the right). Jean says ‘I haven’t felt this well in years’. Her digestive pain has gone, she has clarity of vision, no ulcers or inflammation and is delighted! […]

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Thanks Cameron – Getting Up Close and Personal With Our Poop

shes on a quest to enlighten women about poo and pubes I'm in love with Cameron Diaz. Not only has the woman gone public about pubic hair but she’s now on American talk shows discussing hydration and healthy bowels! In this wonderful piece of footage her and the presenter are discussing what a [...]

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Coconut & Cardamon Panna Cotta

Indulge in this delightful delicately flavoured desert on Valentine’s Day (or any other special occasion for that matter), totally guilt free! Agar is a vegetarian gelling agent made from Japanese sea vegetables, available from most health food stores some online supermarkets. Serves: 4       Ingredients • 1 x 400ml can coconut milk • 200ml [...]

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RejuvaDetox – More Energised, Less Toxic

Rejuva is an amazing 4 week programme that guarantees weight loss and absorption improvement in the small intestine. This client came for digestive issues after feeling lethargic and toxic after Christmas. You can see from her thermographic scan that her toxic digestion (black / brown) was alleviated by week 4 (turquoise blue). Rejuva has been a fantastic process! I feel slimmer, more toned less toxic and more energised. I have lost 4 kilos so far and over 20 inches! […]

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The Biggest Losers – Why Extreme Weight Loss Shows Need To Stop

the biggest loser? This week Twitter has been a wash with concerns about the winner of the popular US show The Biggest Loser winner, Rachel Frederickson, and her extreme weight loss. Rachel began the show at 260 pounds (18st5) and this week at the finale she weighed in at a staggering 105 pounds (7st5)! At 5’4 this is seriously tiny. I do not like shows like the Biggest Loser. I do like what they represent. I do not like what they are telling us – that weight loss is everything and it doesn’t matter how you do it – whether its spending all day exercising, working out when you’re injured or dehydrating yourself before weigh ins – as long as you get skinny you will be successful. […]

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Salmon Superfood Salad

Ingredients: Serves 1 1 wild salmon fillet (protein) 1 artichoke (carb) 4 large asparagus spears (carb) 100g spinach (carb) 100g quinoa or lentils (carb, avoid on the hypothalamus reset diet and IBS diet) Squeeze of fresh lemon (carb) Splash of olive oil (fat) Optional: sprinkle of nuts such as pine nuts (fat) Instructions: Prepare your ingredients by chopping the artichoke [...]

The Joy of Detoxing

Detoxing on a Monday morning I found myself dancing around my house this morning.  Not the early hours as some may think but actually first thing this cold wet Monday morning.  I believe I owe my new found energy to the detox that I am currently on.  I am on day 7 of 28 and weird things are starting to happen. Having attempted many many (fad) diets over the years I never thought I could go on a detox programme as the only thing I have ever stuck to is my complete devotion and loyalty to chocolate! […]

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