Doctrine of Signatures – Vegetables That Look Like The Parts They Heal

Nature is trying to show us something I’m struggling. I can’t do it. I have started so many blog posts today and have finished none of them. What is wrong with me? My nearest and dearest could probably provide a good explanation, life has some what turned upside in the last few weeks. But putting my personal life aside, I still need to run a business, see clients and write entertaining blogs. So here we go. I’m going to stop trying to force and just go with the flow. Do you know what I really fancy writing about? How vegetables look like our bits. […]

June 24th, 2012|My Blog|0 Comments

Coming Home – The Problem of the Overstimulation Situation

Home is not where the computer is I’ve had bloggers block. In fact both Laura and I have. How wonderful for both of us to have it at the same time. Its not just a small case of “I don’t have time to write and don’t know what to write about” I mean full on, absolute non inspired totality of nothingness. This is an unusual situation for me as anyone who knows me will tell you I can talk for Britain and have an opionion about everything. But a block I have had. There have been many good ideas just nothing that I’ve been motivated enough to write about. […]

June 21st, 2012|My Blog|1 Comment