Veg Out – The Importance of a Really Good Vegetable

Oh I simply LOVE the farmers market! I have a favourite morning. It’s every first and third Friday of the month. I do the school run and then spend a blissful hour walking around my local farmers market. I love it, whatever the weather I’m there because I believe it’s truly the best way to buy food. Farmers market food is fresh, its local and it tastes delicious. I now know the stall holders and have a chat with them whilst buying the Bream they caught yesterday or the tomatoes picked today and discussing all the things you can do with artichokes (ooh err). Yes you pay a little bit more but it’s sustainable for the people putting in the extreme hard work. The food available means we are eating seasonally which is so much better for health. Asparagus doesn’t grow here in February so it’s not a good idea to eat it. We have lots of beetroot and squashes around, combined with dark leafy greens which means the large amount of folates, iron and beta carotene that’s naturally occurring is what we need through the cold winter. […]

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“Someday my Prince will Come” – The Disney Delusion and Relationships

Once upon a time in a faraway kingdom there lived a blonde princess with an out of tune voice and a happy go lucky attitude who dreamed someday her Prince would come to rescue her. 32 years and a divorce later she’s having second thoughts. […]

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The Booby Trap – Breast Protection and Parabens in Deodorant

i’m not a fan of wearing deodorant… or clothes for that matter Aren’t breasts wonderful? I mean really. Boobies. Babylons. Bazongas. Breasticles. Baps. They, and all the ridiculously creative words used to describe them, simply are the best. Curvy, round, splendid parts of our bodies that symbolise womanhood, motherhood and sexuality. I salute you. I felt the time was right to discuss our wondrous mammary hillocks (I discovered that phrase in an erotic fiction once and never forgot it) thanks to an interesting piece of research I saw today. Also a blog post that has the words boobies in it apparently gets more readers, I wonder if that’s true… Anyway the researchers at the University of Reading have been studying breasts and in particular breast cancer and have found traces of parabens in the tissue of tumours. Parabens are chemical preservatives used by the cosmetic and toiletry industry in all of our favourite products from face creams, make-up, perfumes to shampoos and deodorants. […]

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Resolution or Revolution? Detoxing New Years Resolutions

seeing differently It’s January and I really want to start the New Year feeling good so for 60 days husband and I are doing a totally holistic cleanse. I like to do the odd fast and cleanse from juice fasts at the spring equinox to eating mung beans for 40 days on the yoga teacher training so this is nothing new for me but my motives are. […]

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Surviving January – Six top tips to beat the January blues

I’m not going out in that hoolie I feel like a big lump of lard. This should not be happening. I am a fabulous Kinesiologist, Nutritionist and Yoga Teacher. Surely fit and healthy, spiritually evolved people (ahem) don’t feel like giant lumps? Well apparently they do when they completely let go over the Christmas holidays, ignore all their nutrition knowledge and eat double their body weight in cheese, biscuits and Cadburys Roses. Sigh. And here it is. January. The month sent to punish us for our chocolate sins. When the weather is blowing a hoolie, New Years resolutions are making us miserable, the detox has begun and we’re back at work. What a bummer. Okay so how can we cheer ourselves up? Here are my six top tips for surviving January… […]

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