A spoonful of sugar helps the healthiness go down.

Hi my name is Claire and I’m a sugarholic. I’ve been (almost) clean for about three years but  every day is a new battle. I’ve eliminated a lot of different foods in my life but sugar was (and continues to be) the hardest. Surely something that tastes this good can’t be that bad for you? Even the word feels good when you roll it around in your mouth! So why is it so hard? Firstly there is the unavoidable fact that beating a sugar addiction is not too disimilar an experience to coming off of hard drugs but there is also the problem that it goes by so many different names: glucose, fructose,sucrose, maltodextrin, lactose, the list is endless! But above and beyond all of that is the emotional connection we have to it. Sugar is used to celebrate all the good things that happen in our lives we have birthday cakes, big tins of choccies at Christmas, Easter eggs, ice creams on a sunny day, wedding cakes and christening cakes not to mention when we were little and fell over we were given the odd bit of chocolate or sweeties to make it all better. […]